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Re: cygwin installation troubles

William Yun Chen wrote:

> Hi, I'm having some trouble installing cygwin openssh.
> I'm on windows vista ultimate, and I'm trying to follow the directions given
> in "Cygwin\...release\openssh\openssh-4.7p1-2\usr\share\doc\Cygwin\openssh"
> More specifically, I don't know exactly what I should choose when running
> 'ssh-host-config' and 'ssh-user-config'.
> Ie, do I want to install sshd? What is sshd? Do I want privilege separation?

Sshd is the server, only needed if you want connections into your computer.
Privilege separation is the default in ssh, there's a file in there
(README.privsep) describing what it is.

> This readme seems to assume that I know exactly what I want to do, and I
> don't. Is there a more comprehensive readme or perhaps can you give me a
> brief walkthrough the installation process?

The OpenSSH site.

> What I do know is that I want to set up an ssh server on my windows vista
> machine so that when I'm on a linux, I can just go into the terminal, and
> type in "ssh <insert ip address here>" and then look around, edit files, and
> transfer files using scp just as if I was connecting to another linux
> machine.

Then you want sshd installed as a service.
René Berber

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