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Re: configure command does not run.... d2u does not help either... appreciation from Dave

DePriest, Jason R. wrote:
On 11/30/07, MasterOfSw wrote:
I am trying to compile a package called "meep" by means of cygwin.
While running the configure command I get an error as:

./configure: line 13: $'r': command not found
Guess #1: Don't use WinZIP (or any other windows GUI program)

.tar.gz files for Cygwin, because they mangle the line ends from LF

Use "tar xvzf meep-0.10.1.tar.gz" in a bash shell instead.

I run into this exact thing all the time and still forget to NOT use the Windows un-tar utility.

I don't know why d2u doesn't work though, if it really is just a LF/CRLF problem.
I can use the Windows tar functions for non-cygwin related items. Just not with cygwin.

I have not experienced this problem using WinRAR.

Using non-Cygwin tools on compressed tar files is not recommended.  It is
possible to make other tools work, at least in some cases but doing so
is unsupported by this list.  If someone chooses to use non-Cygwin tools for
this purpose, then he/she is on their own when a problem arises as a result.

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