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RE: configure command does not run.... d2u does not help either... appreciation from Dave

On 03 December 2007 18:25, DePriest, Jason R. wrote:

> On 11/30/07, MasterOfSw  wrote:
>>>>> I am trying to compile a package called "meep" by means of cygwin.
>>>>> While running the configure command I get an error as:
>>>>> ./configure: line 13: $'r': command not found
>>>> Guess #1:  Don't use WinZIP (or any other windows GUI program) to
>>>> unpack .tar.gz files for Cygwin, because they mangle the line ends 

>> I run into this exact thing all the time and still forget to NOT use the
>> Windows un-tar utility. 
>> I don't know why d2u doesn't work though, if it really is just a LF/CRLF
>> problem. 
>> I can use the Windows tar functions for non-cygwin related items. Just not
>> with cygwin. 
> I have not experienced this problem using WinRAR.

  Well, WinRAR may be smarter, or may have a configuration option (as in fact
winzip also does) to not mangle the line endings.

  But tell me, how successfully does it unpack symlinks, device nodes, or
posix permissions?

  There are other issues besides line-ends that make it a risky and
unpredictable business using a non-posix-aware unpacker to unpack some archive
that relies on posix semantics.  In the most simple cases, you'll have no
problems, but problems when they do arise are liable to cause silent failures
and be tricky to track down.

  If those risks and those benefits balance out for you, fair enough and good
luck to you, but the only advice I'll ever post to the list is "Use a
POSIX-aware archiver", because we're not here to provide free support services
for some commercial provider's closed-source product like WinZIP... we're here
to support Cygwin.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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