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Re: Wish Setup would accept my Perl

Having done a bit of this myself, I'm interested into enquiring further into your difficulties. Except for win32-specific modules, perl code *should* *just work* for either cygwin perl of for ActiveState. Last I checked (and it's been about a year), you should be able to get the win32-specific modules for cygwin as well, so I'm not sure why you can't just invoke the script in your bash shell and have it run.

William Sutton

On Thu, 6 Dec 2007, Michael Kairys wrote:

DePriest, Jason R. <jrdepriest <at>> writes:

I have ActiveState Perl installed and cygwin perl.
I have no problems when I use each version in the appropriate environment.

Simple scripts can be written that will run in both environments.
Cygwin handles the pathing so I never have a problem with a cygwin
bash prompt trying to call C:\Perl\bin\perl when I just use 'perl'.
It checks /usr/bin/perl first.

I see that quite a discussion has evolved since last I checked this thread. Thanks to all of you who shared your experience and advice...

I'm convinced that using AS Perl with Cygwin as I do is potentially unstable
and I should not continue to ignore the issue. However after reading and re-
reading all the posts I do not see a clear solution that fits with my usage. I
would like to expand on that a bit and ask you to take one more pass at it.

I originally got into Perl when I worked at DEC and needed a language in which
I could write build scripts for Unix, VMS, and NT. Perl certainly helped me
out there. However today I work almost entirely on Windows, except when I
occasionally telnet into a Solaris server. Today, my Perl programs fall
roughly into three groups:

(1) Personal-use automation-glue scripts which never leave my machine and are
likely to be Windows-specific (Registry, Clipboard, OLE)

(2) Perl/TK programs that I share with my co-workers, again Windows-specific

(3) A small number of scripts that I run on Solaris (but may test on Windows).

I use Cygwin on Windows out of preference for the Bash shell, the Unix
utilities, and the filesystem semantics. To be perfectly honest I use very
little of the rest of Cygwin's wonderfully rich environment.

I would be okay with maintaining two Perl environments, even if I had to do
both PPM and cpan module management. However I want to type "perl" at
the Bash prompt and have Just Work, whether it is written for AS or is
generic enough that it could run under either. I just don't see how to make
this work.

I suppose I could rewrite my Bash aliases so "foo" equals "/c/Perl/bin/perl" (it now equals "perl -S") but I don't have all my scripts
aliased and I'm used to finding them via the path.

I could try "porting" all of my scripts that I can from AS to Cygwin but I
really don't know what's involved there. I no longer use AS's debugger or
their Komodo product since I discovered I could use Eclipse; but my scripts
use Windows path semantics everywhere (in groups 1 and 2 anyway) and I'm sure
there are other things that would break. (And I rather like the AS
documentation :)

I would appreciate any further thought you care to give this question, and TIA.

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