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Re: Wish Setup would accept my Perl

On Dec 6, 2007 2:23 PM, Michael Kairys <> wrote:
> William Sutton <william <at>> writes:
> >
> > Having done a bit of this myself, I'm interested into enquiring further
> > into your difficulties.  Except for win32-specific modules, perl code
> > *should* *just work* for either cygwin perl of for ActiveState.  Last I
> > checked (and it's been about a year), you should be able to get the
> > win32-specific modules for cygwin as well, so I'm not sure why you can't
> > just invoke the script in your bash shell and have it run.
> Thank you for your encouraging note. I would prefer to maintain only one Perl
> installation and would in fact be perfectly happy to dump AS in favor of
> Cygwin if I could do so without major pain. You have encouraged me to at least
> give it a try.

The major pain will come with file path names.  If you are using
Windows paths in your scripts, those will not work in cygwin.  Really
the issue here is that you have become used to doing something that is
bad, which is running windows programs in a cygwin shell.  Because
Perl exists in both places, you have intertwined yourself into a
complex situation of not knowing which scripts run in what
environment.  I don't think there's an easy fix for this.

I actually would recommend the opposite... since AS Perl is the native
Windows version, I recommend you use that instead of the cygwin
version for anything that interacts in a "windows way" (registry,
files, services, etc...).  For stuff that works only in cygwin, use
the cygwin perl.

Since you're at home on the command line, you might want to check out
"console" which offers a
marginal improvement over the windows command shell.

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