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Test entry for rxvt in setup.ini older than current release


The entry for rxvt in setup.ini looks suspicious:
The test version is older then current, so it should be removed.

@ rxvt
sdesc: "VT102 terminal emulator for both X and Windows"
ldesc: "rxvt is a colour vt102 terminal emulator intended as
an xterm replacement for users who do not require features
such as Tektronix 4014 emulation and toolkit-style configurability.
As a result, rxvt uses much less memory.  And besides, it's
prettier than xterm and much more usable than cmd.exe on MSWin.
There are, however, known issues with native windows stdio; on
windows/cygwin, rxvt is best used when you are using mostly
cygwin tools."
category: Shells
requires: cygwin bash
version: 20050409-7
install: release/rxvt/rxvt-20050409-7.tar.bz2 180009 67df8f757d694dd903291f2b65eba5e7
source: release/rxvt/rxvt-20050409-7-src.tar.bz2 538843 70d6b97dcea79b78e446c92fac8b5f18
version: 20050409-4
install: release/rxvt/rxvt-20050409-4.tar.bz2 173680 0691be534508d293dcbec4e9c8142c57
source: release/rxvt/rxvt-20050409-4-src.tar.bz2 534161 dc1d866fe80c4f906aa25d53b1ecac37
version: 20050409-5
install: release/rxvt/rxvt-20050409-5.tar.bz2 173867 77a542d8c55b870bae54b5a68b1da88b
source: release/rxvt/rxvt-20050409-5-src.tar.bz2 534765


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