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Re: Almost nothing works for me in Cygwin 1.5.24-2

Rob Larkins wrote:
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I removed everything but "C:\Program Files\cygwin" from my PATH and I reinstalled Cygwin twice, from separate mirrors...

Still getting the same errors.

Your cygcheck output points at ZoneAlarm as a potential conflict.  I'd
recommend removing it and installing again (you can just install from the
local download directory if you like).  If that doesn't do it, check
your '/etc/postinstall' directory for scripts that don't have a ".done"
suffix.  Run these from the command line.

I'd also recommend against putting Cygwin in a path with spaces in it.
It can work that way but you're more likely to uncover and have to deal
with latent bugs in scripts which don't take paths with spaces into

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