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Re: Struggling to setup sshd with Windows Vista

Kevin Hilton wrote:

> Just another thing that I have noticed:
> $ /usr/sbin/sshd -d -d -d -D

That's a very bad idea.  The daemon requires privileges that normal
users (even administrators) don't have, so trying to run it like that as
a normal user is just a recipe for breaking things.  And even if you got
it to work, you'd have to change all the permissions which were set up
by the script for the daemon to be run as a service.

> Who should be the owner of /var/empty.  Right now I have:
> drwxr-xr-x+  2 SYSTEM SYSTEM       0 Dec 22 22:40 empty

That's probably correct.

You've got some indeterminate state of brokenness here.  Delete the sshd
user, delete the service, delete /var/empty, delete the sshd config
files, recreate known good passwd and group files, and then just run
"ssh-host-config -y" and let it create everything correctly.  That is
all you should ever need to do.  Messing with things manually just leads
to trouble unless you understand what's going on.


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