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Mac, cygwin, flash

Hi gracious experts!

Please don't flame me.  I'm a mac user, but I used to use cygwin, back
when I was a kid and didn't get to choose my operating system.  Well,
I have a 4 GB Flash drive coming in the mail (incredibly, it is the
size of a half-smoked cigar), and I was wondering if I could justify
my purchase by putting cygwin onto it so that I can use emacs and a
latex processor on any desktop.  I found the post describing how to
put cygwin onto a flash drive
(, but this
description requires a working installation on a windows machine.

Unfortunately, the desktops to which I have access are feeble, and I
would not want to spend 55 hours downloading and getting everything to
work there.

Is there a way for me to acquire a working cygwin dist from here, from
my speedy old powerbook G4?


Barbara Shirtcliff
PhD Student
Russian History
University of Illinois at Chicago

"Read over your compositions, and wherever you meet with a
passage which you think is particularly fine, strike it out."
                        --Samuel Johnson

A man is morally free when, in full possession of his living humanity,
he judges the world, and judges other men, with uncompromising
                        --George Santayana

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