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Re: OPENSSH passwordless login getting "system error 59" on "net use" cmd with samba

On 02/01/2008, Terry Orechia wrote:
>  You should still be able to login as yourself and gain access to
> your network shares.

I am able to login as myself without passwordless login and get access to my network shares. However, I am not able to login as myself using PASSWORDLESS login via public keys and have access to the network shares. I need to execute ssh login in a batch script so I need passwordless login to work and I need to have access to the network shares when I login. Is there some other way to get access to network shares via passwordless login without changing the user who runs the sshd service and opening the security hole?

Yes, it should be possible to change the user as you have without adding the
extra permissions to that user.  This is what I was suggesting (and the FAQ
I pointed to mentions as an option).

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