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Re: Running Cygwin in background.

Thanks Larry, that really cleared up a lot for me. Sorry for the dumb
questions, I'm still learning my way around windows, and some of the
concepts are very foreign to me. I decided to reinstall cygwin, since I
hadn't put any work into that install yet. I had one question regarding your
last message, though. 

You said:

>No, not at all.  I was referring to '/usr/bin/run' which hides the console
>of console apps when run directly from the Windows Explorer, for example.
>'cygrunsrv' is similar to 'service' under Linux.  It allows you to start,
>stop, install, and remove services, among other things.  'ssh-host-config'
>uses it.

OK then, so cygrunserv would be to run something in a manner similar to the
services that I see in 'msconfig', whereas '/usr/bin/run' would just allow
me to run cygwin applications from the windows "Run" dialog without having
to run the Cygwin Bash shell. Is this correct, or did I miss something?

Thanks again for your help,
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