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Re: Running Cygwin in background.

jrtayloriv wrote:
Thanks Larry, that really cleared up a lot for me. Sorry for the dumb
questions, I'm still learning my way around windows, and some of the
concepts are very foreign to me. I decided to reinstall cygwin, since I
hadn't put any work into that install yet. I had one question regarding your
last message, though.

You said:

No, not at all.  I was referring to '/usr/bin/run' which hides the console
of console apps when run directly from the Windows Explorer, for example.
'cygrunsrv' is similar to 'service' under Linux.  It allows you to start,
stop, install, and remove services, among other things.  'ssh-host-config'
uses it.

OK then, so cygrunserv would be to run something in a manner similar to the services that I see in 'msconfig', whereas '/usr/bin/run' would just allow me to run cygwin applications from the windows "Run" dialog without having to run the Cygwin Bash shell. Is this correct, or did I miss something?

Close. You can run Cygwin apps from the "Run" dialog so long as you have the required Cygwin DLLs in your path. But doing so would open a console for the duration of the app. Using '/usr/bin/run' to run the app would hide that console. Hiding this console can be desirable in the case of X apps, for example.

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