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RE: CIFS symlinks on network share break Cygwin

On 07 February 2008 00:22, Matt Seitz wrote:

> "Dave Korn"  wrote in message
> 03a301c86835$1a571850$2e08a8c0@CAM.ARTIMI.COM">news:03a301c86835$1a571850$2e08a8c0@CAM.ARTIMI.COM...

  I did?!  It was email when *I* last saw it!

>>   My win32 "T:" drive is a netapp share (CIFS with NFS perms)

> I'm assuming you mean "T: maps to a CIFS share that points to a volume or
> QTree that is configured with the UNIX security model".

  Yep, pardon loose terminology.

>  If that is the
> case, NetApp will not allow you to change file permissions.  Configuring a
> volume or QTree to use the UNIX security model means that only NFS clients
> are allowed to change security permissions.  If you want to be able to
> change permissions, you need to set the security model to either "Mixed"
> (both CIFS and NFS can change permissions) or "NTFS" (CIFS can change
> permissions, NFS can't). 

  Don't think people would like me playing around with structural
configuration on the main live production server... ;-)  I'm not up-to-date on
the state of cygwin vs. nfs, but that would probably be another solution for

 > Actually, as another poster mentioned, there is another option.  NetApp
> provides a special Windows Explorer shell extension called "SecureShare". 
> This extension allows CIFS clients to change permissions on UNIX security
> model volumes and QTrees.  If cygwin could hook into that mechanism, it
> could change permissions on UNIX security model volumes and QTrees.

  Heh, yes, I know.  I was that other poster!

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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