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Re: gettext 0.16.1

>>>>> Charles Wilson writes:

    > But right now, the gettext maintainer is pretty d*** pissed off that
    > he ever adopted the cygport tool in the first place.  The gettext
    > maintainer, in fits of momentary insanity, sometimes considers
    > /officially/ forking cygport -- as opposed to the unofficial fork
    > sitting on his hard drive for the last year+.  Because that'd be a lot
    > easier -- and a lot less demeaning -- than begging for crumbs for
    > months and months and months.  But then he realizes he's doing a
    > poor-to-awful job of maintaining the packages he has NOW, and has no
    > business taking on any more.

I was always under the impression that our src packages should be
selfcontained in the world. So it should be possible by
downloading the build requirements from the cygwin mirrors to get
a working binary package. This doesn't seem to be true anymore with the
increasing local patches to cygport. The official cygwin cygport is
still at 0.2.10.

What we need is an official statement from Yaakov if he is ever willing
to incorporate Chuck's patches, otherwise I would also go with Chucks
suggestion of forking cygport. From my point of view his patches are
the missing bit of functionality to make cygport a swiss army knife for

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