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Re: Re: [1.5.25-7] bash: fork Permission denied

It's worth checking your whole system for cygwin1.dll.  If there's more
than the one you just installed, that's the problem.  Get rid of others.
My guess is that if this is the problem, you have
<> software installed that's running its
stuff.  You'll have to kill that before you can get rid of the other

>The other alternative is that you have <>.

If one or the other of these hits the mark, you should be able to rerun
"setup.exe" and just click through all the screens.  "setup.exe" should
run all your postinstall scripts and set things up properly.  If not, I
guess you're stuck starting over again, though it sounds like you don't
have much invested yet so that's probably not a painful process.

I've looked for other copies of cygwin1.dll, I was unable to find any. I have removed every installation of cygwin (removed the dirs) every time I changed the installation path. I have also checked for applications on BLODA; I don't run any of those.

Could it have been around the time you installed Interix/SFU?

Now that you mention it, that is the only thing I have changed aside from installing the windows updates. I haven't done any other change to the system aside from that and the updates. That said, I'm not sure what to do to get this fixed.

We like this attached instead of appended.

I apologize for this.



PS: I am not sure how to subscribe to this list, currently viewing the replies on the archives on site...

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