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Re: Stop Brute Force Attack on SSH

Kyle A. Dawson wrote:

Sorry, my mistake.  I created a script, and the file had windows new
lines... I always forget that with TextPad.  But I did read the readme and
now I have these files:


So the install/config seem to work.

When I start this I get error (/var/log/denyhost.log):

DenyHosts could not obtain lock (pid: ) [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/lock/subsys/denyhosts'

Correct, this directory doesn't exist in a stock Cygwin install.

From your other message I see you changed DENYHOSTS_LOCK, to follow the standard I use:

DENYHOSTS_LOCK = "/var/run/"

This file name has to match the one used installing the service (the option -x).

starting DenyHosts:    /usr/bin/env python /usr/bin/ --daemon

The service will not start, just the above message in log.

Here is what I run
cygrunsrv -I DenyHosts -p /usr/share/denyhosts/daemon-control -a start  -d
DenyHosts -f "DenyHosts 2.6"  -y sshd -x /var/run/ -o
cygrunsrv -S DenyHosts

I removed the \ in the "-a start option", it did not like that. Is it needed?

No, it was a line continuation for the long command (bash interprets those backslashes).
René Berber

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