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Building C++ program with QT under cygwin


I am new to cygwin. I've just installed cygwin for building my C++
program which was generated from linux initially. The program is also
need to be compiled with QT, actually the QT will generate the
Makefile. Previously it was using minGW, the QT was built under window
and the C++ program was built using macro #ifdef WIN32 for the code of
select(), read() and write() system calls. My understand is that I can
use all linux system calls under cygwin, should I remove all #ifdef
WIN32 in the program and compile with a parameter -unix rather than

The major issue is the QT package. In linux, I installed a QT package
for linux and called the QT gmake to generate a Makefile. On window
the QT was installed for window and compiled under window environment.
I have got errors when using window QT to generate Makefile under
cygwin. How should I use the QT under cygwin? Should I download a unix
version QT and build the QT using unix macro under cygwin, or should I
still using window QT under cygwin?

Thank you for your advice.


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