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Re: Building C++ program with QT under cygwin

hce wrote:
On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 11:55 AM, Erich Dollansky
<> wrote:

one thing at a time.

hce wrote: > > I am new to cygwin. I've just installed cygwin for building my C++

 I see Cygwin as an emulator. Your program will see Linux but not
 Windows. But you still can call Windows directly.

> and the C++ program was built using macro #ifdef WIN32 for the code of > select(), read() and write() system calls. My understand is that I can > use all linux system calls under cygwin, should I remove all #ifdef > WIN32 in the program and compile with a parameter -unix rather than > win32?

Do not delete those things. Never ever even think of deleting them.

 > The major issue is the QT package. In linux, I installed a QT package
 > for linux and called the QT gmake to generate a Makefile. On window
 > the QT was installed for window and compiled under window environment.
 > I have got errors when using window QT to generate Makefile under
 > cygwin. How should I use the QT under cygwin? Should I download a unix
 > version QT and build the QT using unix macro under cygwin, or should I
 > still using window QT under cygwin?
 You must install QT inside Cygwin if you want to make full use of it.

All right, I am going to install the QT inside Cygwin. Now, there are two QT packages, one for Window and one for Linux. Should I download one for Linux and build it for linux under Cygwin?

If you can live with QT3, just go to and install the pre-packaged version using 'setup.exe'.

Should I also to call QT gmake with "-unix -o" to generate Makefile,
the same parameters I was calling from linux?

If you must go this way then yes, I would recommend trying that.

I have no idea if this will work.

 In theory you should be able to use the Windows version. This will make
 your program even more weird as it itself will behave like a Linux
 program but the libraries are then a mix of Windows and Linux.

Try to stick either with Cygwin or move to Windows.

I have to stick with Cygwin as the Windows does not support select() for file system, nor does the minGW. Try to learn Cygwin program environment as much as possible :-).

In general, if you work the way that you would work on a Linux system, then you'll have better luck with Cygwin.

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