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Re: Grace distribution is not standard

Rodrigo Medina wrote:
Unlike the distributions of all other packages the distribution
 of grace does not put the executable program in one of the standard
 directories /bin or /usr/X11R6/bin. Instead it puts xmgrace.exe inside
 /usr/share/grace/bin. In /bin there are only links pointing to the
 actual .exe.

Well, then don't use the links from non-cygwin programs, use the executable directly. Or is your actual complain that by putting c:\cygwin\bin in the system PATH you cannot execute grace? Well, drop a batch file in there that calls xmgrace.exe

The problem is that non-cygwin programs do not understand
such links.

So, sorry, but no. This is the way the grace developers created their package. This works fine within a cygwin environment and I don't see a reason to change that.

I think that the grace distribution should be like those of all other
cygwin programs.

It is, a package from the unixy world can run on Windows using the *emulation* layer provided by cygwin. Softlinks are part of the emulation and as such not working for non-cygwin programs.

greetings RM

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