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Re: Why does setup insist on trying to install colordiff?

Kostya Altukhov wrote:
I've actually looked in setup.exe source and I found this piece of code:

    if (installed
        || categories.find ("Base") != categories.end ()
        || categories.find ("Misc") != categories.end ())
        desired = default_version;

So by default setup attempts to install all packages in categories
Base and Misc. Why category Misc is treated as required? Maybe it
should be removed from this 'if'. But that requires changing
setup.exe, so the simplest fix would be just to change the category
for colordiff from Misc to Utils (like it was in the ITP).

It's done this way, because if you run setup.exe and choose "install form local" where
1) the local directory you use is NOT a website mirror nor a typical setup-generated download dir with those funky subdirectories.
2) instead, the local directory is just a simple dir containing a jumble of tarballs.
3) and there is no setup.ini in sight

Then, setup pretends that all of the tarballs are in the Misc category, and offers to install them all. This is probably what you wanted, right? Otherwise, why else did you select "install from <this particular> local directory"?

Changing this behavior would be bad -- BUT it also means that NO "real" package's setup.hint should EVER claim to be in Category Misc. Misc is special.


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