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Re: Attachment without nntp

Eric Blake wrote:
> According to Marc Girod on 2/29/2008 4:05 AM:
>| Well, I tried now the alternative road, and installed TunderBird.
>| I guess I got what I expected: neither nntp nor snntp (563) ports are
>| drilled in my company's firewall.
>| So, this road is blocked too, no?
> I've been annoyed at gmane, too - they provide both http and nntp
> gateways, but only their nntp gateway allows attaching files.  I may be
> shot for suggesting this, but there are other mail gateways out there
> besides gmane.  For example, provides an http gateway and
> allows attaching files when composing posts to a wrapped mailing list.
> Then again, nabble's idea of an attachment is sending a URL that requires
> web access on the reader's end to download the file, rather than sending a
> multipart message with the file attached in the message itself, so that
> idea doesn't really fly on this list, either.

Perhaps I'd better say something here, since I am the one who suggested
uuencoding the cygcheck output.  I've done this in the past and gotten
no complaints, and that's how I see other perople's attached cygcheck
output.  I can't speak for the OP, but my situation is as follows:

1)  Being able to treat mailing lists as news groups is a huge gain,
    especially in the case of a high-volume list such as Cygwin's.

2)  Besides the cygwin list, I follow a large number of other lists via
    Gmane.  As far as I know, there is no good alternative to Gmain -
    Using Nabble via a web interface is simply unacceptable.

3)  I don't like graphical news clients.  I use slrn to read news (or
    mail turned into news), on all the platforms I use, both Unixy ones
    and Windows.  When I post or respond to an article, slrn fires up the
    editor of my choice (in may case Emacs), and I compose a text message.
    There is no such thing as an "attachment".

4)  If using the uuencode method for attachments is not (or no longer?)
    desired, is there a preferred alternative?  (And please don't suggest
    using Thunderbird.)

- Will

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