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Re: Attachment without nntp

Brian Dessent wrote:
> Will Parsons wrote:
>> 4)  If using the uuencode method for attachments is not (or no longer?)
>>     desired, is there a preferred alternative?  (And please don't suggest
>>     using Thunderbird.)
> When posting your cygcheck output, you're asking for help from others
> and giving them some details that they can look at in order to better
> help you.  If you make it hard or cumbersome for them to look at it,
> chances are they won't.  I know I certainly would not take the time to
> manually copy and paste and uudecode somebody's cygcheck output, whereas
> it's trivial for me to look at an attachment.  It's just like on busy
> patches lists where if you send a patch gzipped or with a content-type
> that's not plain text, people will tend to not review the patch because
> it takes extra annoying steps to view the file.

I certainly don't *want* to make it inconvenient for potential responders
- I simply thought that uuencoding was the way one "attached" using the
nntp interface.  If doing so is an annoyance rather than a help, I
certainly won't do it in the future.  What then is the recommendation -
include it because it's better than no cygcheck output at all, or don't

> So if you want to use uuencode that's fine as far as I'm concerned, as
> long as you are willing to accept that your question will more than
> likely get less exposure, given that the majority of people that would
> be inspecting cygcheck output are subscribed to the list and read it in
> its native email format.
> As a compromise, you could put the cygcheck output on a pastebin-like
> site and provide a URL.

I'm not sure what a pastebin-like site is, but would it really be more
convenient for someone to go to a web site to retrieve output than to
uudecode the mail?  (I don't know about the mail reader you use, but
for me, uudecoding is a couple of keystrokes in slrn - no manual copying
and pasting required.)

- Will

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