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Re: Bash Crashes

I saw the following posting after experiencing a similar problem.  One of the follow ups suggested running cygwin.bat and reporting the result, but the result is the same whether I try to run cygwin.bat, call bash directly from a cmd.exe shell or call bash from something like /bin/sh or /bin/tcsh:

[swood@arena ~]$ pwd
[swood@arena ~]$ /bin/bash
bash-3.2$ [swood@arena ~]$ 

Here's the cute thing.  If I create a test script with #!/bin/bash at the beginning and throw in something like a simple 'echo' command, the script works just fine calling it by name or calling it with /bin/bash:
[swood@arena ~]$ cat 
echo this is a test
[swood@arena ~]$ /bin/bash
this is a test
[swood@arena ~]$ ./ 
this is a test
[swood@arena ~]$ 

I have tried re-installing bash with the cygwin setup tool, I've tried re-installing everything using same.  /bin/sh works fine (seems to be running a ysh from what I can gather), tcsh works fine.  Bash pops up the prompt then dies about 1/2 second later returning to whatever it was doing.

I saw a note on the mailing list about running cygcheck so I did and that is attached.  Any help would be appreciated.


From: "Jon Romano" <rmno at adelphia dot net>
Date: Sun, 4 May 2003 23:10:25 -0400
Subject: Bash Crashes      Hello All:

> I've been unable to find anything on this issue:

> I recently installed Cygwin, but I can't get bash to run. When I try to
> invoke cygwin, the bash window appears for a split second, but it crashes
> right away. I'm running Windows 2K. 

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