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RE: Bug: C-prog from Win dies in fork; gdb.exe also won't run

Brian Dessent wrote on 11 March 2008 04:56:

> - When the testcase's binary is located anywhere but %windir% or
> %windir%\system32, then everything is fine.
> - Otherwise you get:

  Ah.  So the error only arises when the binary is located in windows system
dir.  Right alongside all those thousands of DLLs.  All those DLLs which are
now all of a sudden higher up in the DLL search path than they were when the
binary was located somewhere else.

  Just a WAG, but that could be significant.

> >         I hear what you are saying...yet did you know that MS
> > improved fork and exec performance by 30% in their SFU Unix-compat
> > layer? :-).  I wonder what 'pains' they go through -- they might have it
> > easier and just use straight NT calls rather than Win32.  Dunno...
> They don't go to any pains.  The sad part is that the NT kernel does
> support fork semantics.  But it only exposes them to the Posix
> subsystem, which is what SFU runs in.  It doesn't expose them to the
> Win32 subsystem.  

  The native API, to the very best of my knowledge, exports exactly the same
set of interfaces to every subsystem.  Can you explain exactly what you're
talking about here?

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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