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RE: Wrong links?

Angelo Graziosi wrote on 25 March 2008 14:38:

> I have noticed that if I do 'ls -l /bin'
> I get the following wrong links:
> X11 -> ../X11R6/bin

  In what sense is that "wrong"?

> pnmnoraw -> pnmtoplainpnm.exe               [1]
> rcs2log -> ../share/cvs/contrib/rcs2log
> webcheck -> ../share/webcheck/
> If I do 'ls -l /usr/bin', only [1] is still wrong, the
> remaining links are OK.

  What do you mean by "wrong"?  Soft-links are text strings, they cannot be
inherently "wrong" or "right" unless you have some extra criterion to apply.

> Regarding [1], 'pnmtoplainpnm.exe' does not exist, only 'pnmtoplainpnm'
> is there, without '.exe'!
> Is this different behaviour ('ls -l /bin' / 'ls -l /usr/bin') to be
> expected? 

  It's an interaction between two things:

1.  /bin and /usr/bin are the same physical directory, /usr/bin being a
mount point for /bin.

2.  exe magic only works on links when they can be resolved.

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