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Re: FW: ssmtp with multiple email accounts

On Wed, 30 Apr 2008, Charles Wilson wrote:

> Igor Peshansky wrote:
> > Could it simply be that mutt does not expand the "~" in the filename when
> > passing the command-line option?  Did you try the absolute path (i.e.,
> > "/usr/bin/ssmtp -C/home/user/foo.conf")?
> ssmtp does not attempt any expansion on the argument. If the shell
> doesn't expand it before passing it off to ssmtp, then it doesn't get
> expanded: so "-C~/foo.conf" would cause ssmtp to try to open a file
> named "foo.conf" in the subdirectory "~" of the current directory.

Yes, that's exactly what I meant.  Notice that I said "*mutt* does not
expand the ~" -- assuming mutt uses execv.  Even if mutt uses "/bin/sh -c"
on the command, the "~" inside the argument does not get expanded by
shells, and the one in "-C~/foo.conf" is definitely inside.  Looking at
the man page, ssmtp requires that there be no space between "-C" and the
filename, so looks like the OP is stuck with absolute paths.
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