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Re: cygport missing features after 0.3.9

Yaakov (Cygwin Ports) wrote:
Chuck Wilson wrote:
| cygport-cvs-topdir.patch:

CVS_MODULE already supports subdirectory checkouts. What is gained here?

Yes, and then I get:


with subdir checkouts using CVS_MODULE. You are correct in that I don't get any of the contents of StupidModuleNameThatHasNothingToDoWithMyPackage, except for the one subdir, MyPackage, that I care about. However,

(a) my "orig" src tarball, if generated via cygport * get, has an extra directory level in it, that src tarballs created via 'make dist' do not have.
(b) I have to override all src_*() methods to add an extra 'cd MyPackage', because there is no Makefile or configure script in ${S}="..../StupidModuleNameThatHasNothingToDoWithMyPackage".
(c) Sure, to avoid (b) I could set SRC_DIR=StupidModuleNameThatHasNothingToDoWithMyPackage/MyPackage but I don't want to do that, especially because of (a).

I want
and an "orig" tarball that looks like
So I can treat it like a normal package. I can't do that without -d.

Tools are supposed to empower their users, not limit them.

| cygport-postinst-hook.patch:

I would prefer a RESTRICT="postinst-doc" option, in which case one can
install the docs manually during src_install().  I hope to make a patch
in the next few days.

You favor the cars-on-streets model: stay on the pavement, between the white lines, and everything will be fine. Cygwin package-building-on-rails is streamlined, easy, and usually works great even for newbies. Except when it doesn't, and there isn't enough flexibility to go somewhere offroad.

I favor the boat-on-the-water model: go anywhere you want -- but if you're not careful you can run aground or drift too far out to sea. I figure the maintainers are all grown up, and can navigate their craft without help -- or restrictions -- from me.

I'll point out that 'postinst-doc' means, obviously, that you can customize only the post-installation-of-various-documents, and nothing else. With a hook, the maintainer has maximum freedom -- to do things post-auto-install that neither you nor I have thought about -- but then he might get shipwrecked, too.

| cygport-custom-cmds.patch:

I'll have to think further about this one.

...the ultimate boat-on-the-water patch...


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