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Re: inetutils 1.5 / ftpd problem: 426 Data connection: No buffer space available.

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Apr 30 01:58, Charles Wilson wrote:
Well, one of the differences between ftpd-1.3.2 and ftpd-1.5 is that the newer version uses mmap on the (local) file. ftpd.c is the /only/ source file in inetutils that uses mmap.

Ok, so the ftpd using mmap is faster, one way or another.

Not according to my numbers:

mmap, topo 1, 4k buffers:  9-10 Mbps
mmap, topo 2, 4k buffers: 14-15 Mbps

NO mmap, topo 1, 4k bufs:  9-10 Mbps
NO mmap, topo 2, 4k bufs: 14-15 Mbps

If [disabling mmap] *does* fix the problem, it may point to an issue with cygwin-1.5's mmap implementation, or with XP's handling of the underlying NtCreateSection()...mmap is not supposed to be CPU-intensive.

There might be a bug lurking somewhere. Could you create a very simple testcase which basically behaves like ftpd for debugging?


gcc -o server server.c
gcc -o client client.c

Add an entry to /etc/services on both machines, like:
example 22725/tcp
or you could edit the two files and use a hardcoded port number, instead of a service name and getservbyname()

And don't forget to open a hole in your server machine's firewall for that port.

On the server machine, invoke as:

$ server <filename>

This file is the one that will be transferred to the client. This works for me:
$ dd if=/dev/urandom of=ReallyBigFile bs=1M count=250

On the client:

$ client <hostname_of_server> <filename>

<filename> is where the client will save the transferred data.

server is a traditional daemon, which forks off a copy to handle each new connection. That copy is the one you want to debug/strace/whatever.

With this pair of programs, I saw "sane" memory usage in all cases when NOT using mmap, and I saw "insane" memory usage for all mmap cases except when blocksize was 1k.

To switch among the various cases, edit the server.c file to #define/#undef HAVE_MMAP, and change the value of LARGE_TRANSFER_BLOCKSIZE.


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