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Re: More than 16 Serial Ports

Dave Korn wrote:
Ralph Hempel wrote on 01 May 2008 16:37:

So now the question is, where do we poke around in the
source to increase the limit of serial ports under

Look at winsup/cygwin/, which is a template that is used to auto-generate the code in winsup/cygwin/, using the winsup/cygwin/gendevices script.

  Note that on mainline (as opposed to the 1.5.x release branch), the number
appears to have been raised to 64 quite some time ago.

So to get the >16 port support, I download the source from the snapshot area and build cygwin1.dll myself? Or can I just get prebuilt version from the snapshot tree?

Sorry for the dumb questions. I've been using and loving cygwin for
a while now and have built things as complex as an ARM7 toolchain
and custom GDB debug stub for the target, but I've never poked around
cygwin itself since it pretty much "just works"

The serial port issue is the first major issue I've not been able
to work around easily, so far.

Cheers, Ralph

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