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CreateProcessA failed, errno 11

Hello everybody,

Since a little time, I'm facing strange problems with cygwin, when
compiling software. After a certain time, I'm getting fork() error
messages and that "ressources are not available".

I must send ahead, that I know the thread starting with

I have NO kind of the mentioned "BLODA" software installed on my system
and my cygwin installation worked now for nearly 4 years.
(Windows XP SP2, all security updates)

So either there is a bug in the latest cygwin releases and/or in the gcc
(I was able to compile 4.3.0 without any problem, so the problem occurred
first after 4.3.0 was released) and/or a Windows update.

I installed no new software (especially not of the "system-near" kind).

Interesting to see is when I open the taskmanager of XP and look at the
page file usage, it's nice to see how it grows and grows ...
So a memory leak must occurr somewhere. After some time exactly after the
fork() erros, my system tells me that it's out of memory and cannot start
any program or service.

Only a restart helps. When not using cygwin, no problem occurrs and also
nothing is wrong with memory.

I'd say a bug in cygwin, but perhaps also not.?

mfg Thomas

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