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Re: Newbie needs help using mingw with cygwin

On Mon, May 05, 2008 at 06:37:35PM -0700, Tim Prince wrote:
> Mark Hanlon wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am trying to building Lilypond from source using cygwin (Some parts of 
>> the lilypond source have to be changed so that is why I can't download the 
>> binary :(
>> I am using the configure script supplied with Lilypond.
>> Unfortunately, Lilypond requires GCC 4.0 and above, so I have downloaded a 
>> mingw at version 4.1.
>> I have changed my Path Environment variable and the etc/profile file to 
>> use the mingw version of GCC.
>> Everything works fine apart from when I run the configure script it is now 
>> complaining that it can't find guile and flex.
>> When I don't use mingw, it finds them and only complains about the 
>> compiler being less than 4.0.
>> Anyone any ideas what is going on and an idea how to fix it would be 
>> lovely.
> You're asking for mingw to work as a cygwin compiler, but the run-time 
> libraries are incompatible.

What do guile and flex have to do with runtime libraries?

It sounds like you need to modify your path to include the gcc 4.0
directory as well as the cygwin directory but I wouldn't be too
confident that this would actually produce anything useful if you really
need cygwin utilities to build lilypond.  Does lilypond even build under


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