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RE: '%=' invalid? (inline assembly)

Cristiano Di Buduo wrote on 06 May 2008 18:16:

> Hi, i'm porting a project to gcc, and it heavily relies on inline
> assembly. 
> I have some inline functions that, when optimized, generate duplicate
> labels. So i read through the docs, and stumbled upon the %=
> functionality. 

  You must have been reading the gcc internals manual.

> I couldn't find more in-depth info, so i fgrepped the gcc source tree.
> But to no avail...
> I already tried the gcc mailing list, no response:
> Why does '%=' not work in code directly copied from the gcc sources?

  The stuff in .md files is not inline assembly and cannot be understood by
GCC (or any other C compiler) directly.  It is a plain text format that is
parsed by various utility programs that are built as part of the gcc build
process and that emit autogenerated C files that handle the cpu-dependent
parts of the assembly generation process.  The "output templates" that are in
the .md files contain many kinds of syntax that cannot be used in inline
assembly, and "%=" is one of those. 

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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