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Performance of 1.7

I've been testing cygwin 1.7 on Server 2008 with rsync.  First, the install
went flawlessly.  I'm just using a standard path of E:\ fstab

Compiling rsync worked without a hitch.  The rsync version is 3.02 with the
preallocate patch applied.  The patch takes advantage of the posix_fallocate

There have been two major improvements I've seen with the 1.7 build on
Server 2008:

- The long file name errors that used to always be a problem are no longer
there which is great news.
- The overall I/O performance is much higher.  I don't have hard statistics
but have been watching throughput on the SAN connected to the server.  With
old cygwin and Server 2003 I was lucky to get sustained throughput of
40M-50M.  Now I'm seeing throughput of 100M-120M all the time with bursts
much higher.  It is possible the performance gain is helped by Server 2008
as I have not attempted to run the old cygwin on 2008 for a true comparison.
I think a lot of it is also in the cygwin version since I'm sending the
email to that list. :)

Sorry I don't have any more hard data as we continue testing 1.7. Thought
I'd at least let you know some of the nice things I'm seeing.


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