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Re: How to backup Cygwin packages list?

On Thu, May 8, 2008 at 1:30 PM, Fergus <> wrote:
>>> I'd like to backup the packages list of my current Cygwin installation,
>>> ie
>>> the config files which list which packages Cygwin got installed.
>>> So that I could take this configuration file(s) to another PC with fresh
>>> Cygwin installation and get the same Cygwin programs I use on the other
>>> PC.
>>> Or for re-installment, for example when the Cygwin folder has been lost.
>>> Which files would I have to backup to achieve that?
>> /etc/setup/installed.db contains the list of installed packages and their
>> version.
>> Setting the version to zero will force setup to download and install the
>> package.
> I wish! This ruse worked with setup.exe v.2.510.2.2 but it does not work
> with the current setup.exe v.2.573.2.2.
> (See also It is a real
> pity that this useful functionality
> (particularly the earlier reported one) has been lost with 2.510.2.2 ->
> 2.573.2.2.
> Fergus

Oh, bummer.  I used that to sync distros among machines.  I will have
to be more cleaver now.


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