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Re: cygwin perl useradd command

ok Hugh Sasse

as you have saw what i have done. i understand everything you wrote as i am a programer like about using functions and grep. But, the problem is that i am a windows programer and do programing in Visual Basic, I have already compleated this useradd, usermod , userdel, etc Commands in VB.
VB programs cant be distributed as it need licence from Microsoft. So, i was tring to do open source kinda thing.

Believe me i dont know anything about Perl. I was just tring to write a script for these commands and still tring as i have ported webmin and virtualmin to cygwin with all of the required modules for virtual server and administartion of system, the only command it requre is now thease useradd, userdel and so on, And quotaon, quotadel and so on. Even quota can work on cygwin as on windows with NTFS partition it has command "fsutil quota" to manupulate user quota on command line.

so as i am tring if you can do what you just wrote to my sample perl script it will be really a great.

The big problem is user and group with same name with virtualization in passwd and group file. How to calculate that

The easiest way is create real user with "_usr" and real group with "_grp" at the end of the username and groupname in windows, then input in passwd and group file on cygwin without "_usr" and "_grp", with real UID and GID.

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