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RE: Installing Cygwin with a USB thumb drive

One recommendation I have is to NOT run if from a flash drive if there
is a hard drive can fiddle with stuff that will make the
hard drive installed not be correct.

Charles Stepp
Meskimen's Law:
There's never time to do it rite, but there's always time to do it over.

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From: Adam McCarthy [] 
Sent: Friday, May 09, 2008 7:38 PM
Subject: Installing Cygwin with a USB thumb drive

I really enjoy Cygwin and would love to have a portable copy on a
thumb drive. I use Cygwin all the time, and obviously I can't install
it on every computer I go on, especially since many are not mine.

I saw many instructions on the web for doing it, but I wanted to see
if their were instructions that were "recommended", I know that likely
there will not be an official but I figured at least if it works.

Is it fairly easy to install it on a thumb drive? I'm not worried if
it's hard or command line, because I've install Gentoo Linux before
and have much experience with command line, I just don't want it to
screw up current Cygwins on my machines. Most PCs I use it on, will
not have Cygwin, but perhaps I need to do something on a PC that
already has Cygwin, I don't want it to screw up the local Cygwin.

Thanks Again

Adam McCarthy

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