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Re: widely-spaced characters in rxvt

René Berber wrote:
Daniel Barclay wrote:

What causes rxvt to switch to displaying characters with lots of space in between them?

The font it's using.

But why exactly would it display characters with lots of space between them? Surely the font isn't designed that way.

What is actually going wrong?

You have to check what's the default font [1] or if you changed it [2].

c:/tools/cygwin/etc/defaults/etc/X11/app-defaults/ says:

Rxvt*font: -bitstream-bitstream vera sans mono-medium-r-normal--*-160-*-*-m-*-iso8859-1

I have not ~/.Xdefaults

There was a thread on the list, long ago, about the default being a font that comes with the X11 fonts. I'm not sure what's the case right now, but a widely-spaced font sounds like a font that you have installed but lacks the necessary hints (that's a X11 font term).

It sounds like a bigger problem than hints. They're for kerning, making small improvements to renderings, etc., right. From the symptom I'm getting, it seems that rxvt doesn't even know how wide the individual glyphs are.


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