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Re: rxvt in native mode, widely spaced characters

Daniel Barclay wrote:
>> Well, I didn't specify anything.  I haven't touched any of
>> /etc/X11/app-defaults/Rxvt, ~/.Xdefaults or ~/.Xresources, or given
>> options on the command line Iused to invoke rxvt.
>> Just now, I tried installing the ruby package, and as soon as I
>> rxvt,
>> it started in messed-up form--widely spaced characters, in yellow, on
>> dark
>> blue background--rather than the way it started immediately 
>> before--normally
>> spaced characters, in black, on a white background.

I just did something much simpler - update cygwin with setup.exe.
After that I see the same crap fonts.

>Either install the bitstream vera fonts in your Windows sytem, (e.g. go

>to Control Panel/Fonts...
>Or change the specified font.  You can do the latter by editing the 
>/etc/X11/app-defaults/Rxvt file itself, 

This I did (following your helpful instructions) and just commented out
the two lines referring to fonts.  And voila, nice readable fonts.
There is nothing font-related in my ~/.Xdefaults.

>or overriding it for your 
>particular account by
>  (1) creating a ~/.Xdefaults file that specifies a different font
>  (2) explicitly starting rxvt with the '-fn <some font>' option

So my question is why does the default .../app-defaults/Rxvt specify
these useless fonts?  It didn't before, it seems to work nicely
without them, and breaks in the default settings with them.  So why
not toss them altogether?


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