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cygwin virtual user

just a qus?

can we create virtual user in /etc/passwd file

like for real user entry is


Now above is the real userstring for real user 'test'. can i create a virtual user in cygwin /etc/passwd with values of real user 'test'.

like for virtual user entry is


you can see that only login name, home dir and shell is changed.

now i just want to know that how can XXXX login with /bin/bash, that doesn't matter. Real thing i want to know is that does this will work with ssh and telnet if i change shell to be /bin/bash and does it work with UW-IMAP, proftpd and UW-POP. like they recognize this user as a real user.

Anybody got any idea ?

Hey i got something else for cygwin users. I create perl script's for useradd, userdel, usermod, groupadd, groupmod and groupdel that works fine on windows XP sp2 (My System). It can also create user and group with same name. Code is really messy as i am newbi to perl. just started perl 4 days ago.

Anybody like to try it.  

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