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Re: postgresql package and error message translations

Dmitry Teslenko wrote:
I use postgresql tools such as psql, pg_dump, etc.
If I invoke them as "/bin/psql" they product error (and probably other) messages
in english; but if I invoke them as "psql" or "/usr/bin/psql" they
produce messages
in my native language (russian) in koi8-r encoding and windows' default encoding
for text in my native language is cp1251 (or windows-1251). That means I get
garbage in terminal.
I've chosen unix file format when installing cygwin and problem
described can be
observed with both "current" and "experimental" versions of cygwin packages.
I have no interest in error messages in my native language so is there way
to turn them off once and for all?

Sounds to me like you have a non-Cygwin version of 'psql' somewhere. Look around. If you don't have a non-Cygwin version and want to follow-up with your problem on this list, please read and follow the problem reporting guidelines outlined here:


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