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RE: please help

Richard Ivarson wrote on 14 May 2008 20:26:

> Longyu Mei schrieb:
>> Please at least reply once and let me know I am really
>> on the mailing list.
> I can see your message (it's the first from you, however, at least for
> me). 
> Unfortunately I don't know a solution to your problem.
> Did you download the small Cygwin.exe, start it and then let install your
> needed packages with it?

  Oh, great.  His first reply, after all this time, and you got it wrong!

  Alright, only a little bit, but: there is no such thing as "cygwin.exe".
You're thinking of "setup.exe".

  To James:

  If the list rejects a post, it *always* sends you a bounce message
explaining why.  Please check your spam folder; it might have ended up there.
Common reasons include using HTML email, or trying to discuss X11 (which has
its own list).

  The answer to your problem is that cygwin doesn't use .so libraries, unlike
Linux: it uses windows DLLs to serve that purpose.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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