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Re: please help

Longyu Mei wrote:
Great! I see friends are here now.

Let me tell you the entire story.

We have a Linux application without any GUI. We used
ACE (for socket) and boost for portability. It is a
product now. We did not build it on Windows before
even we plan to do that. Now we try too see if we can
build and run it on Windows machine.

I did a little research and then decided try CygWin
first. I used the setup to download and install
CygWin. I copy the entire project tree from source
control onto my XP machine.

Then I start the CygWin by click the Cygwin icon and
cd to my source directory and tried "make clean" as I
did on Linux machine.

The first two lines are the error messages I mentioned
on my previous email.

I did do any system environment variable configuration
which is not required.

The issue is why that is required and why
there is no such file under the installation. I have
installed ALL packages.

Shared objects are a *nix manifestation. The closest thing on Windows is dynamic link libraries (DLL). There are significant differences in these two concepts though so if you're app is relying on the existence and semantics of SOs, you're in for a long, difficult port to Windows. Cygwin won't magically massage this away for you.

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