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RE: please help

Longyu Mei wrote on Wednesday, May 14, 2008 3:20 PM:
> Thank you for your help.
> I have successfully eliminated those two error
> messages.
> They were caused by the ACE make include files.
> In those include files, there are some checking for
> library, such as
>        $(shell test -e /usr/lib/ && echo
> I commented out those checking related to*
> then those error message went away.
> I don't know whether Cygwin should include those lib
> or ACE should remove those checking.
> Anyway, a progress was made.
> thanks,

Have you built ACE for Cygwin? You will probably need to regenerate your
make files; if they are testing for *.so, then they are still the Linux
versions, and it's a bad idea to just disable those checks!

The instructions for building ACE on Cygwin
gwin) are a little out of date, but they might work for you. Note the
ACE build on Cygwin is experimental.

> --- "Larry Hall (Cygwin)"
> <> wrote:
>> Longyu Mei wrote:
>>> Great! I see friends are here now.
>>> Let me tell you the entire story.
>>> We have a Linux application without any GUI. We used
>>> ACE (for socket) and boost for portability. It is a
>>> product now. We did not build it on Windows before
>>> even we plan to do that. Now we try too see if we can
>>> build and run it on Windows machine.
>>> I did a little research and then decided try CygWin
>>> first. I used the setup to download and install
>>> CygWin. I copy the entire project tree from source
>>> control onto my XP machine.
>>> Then I start the CygWin by click the Cygwin icon and
>>> cd to my source directory and tried "make clean" as I did on Linux
>>> machine. 
>>> The first two lines are the error messages I mentioned on my
>>> previous email. 
>>> I did do any system environment variable configuration which is not
>>> required. 
>>> The issue is why that is required and why
>>> there is no such file under the installation. I have
>>> installed ALL packages.
>> Shared objects are a *nix manifestation.  The
>> closest thing
>> on Windows is dynamic link libraries (DLL).  There
>> are
>> significant differences in these two concepts though so
>> if you're app is relying on the existence and
>> semantics
>> of SOs, you're in for a long, difficult port to
>> Windows.
>> Cygwin won't magically massage this away for you.
Bryan Thrall
FlightSafety International

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