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Re: please help


On Wed, May 14, 2008 at 12:47 PM, Longyu Mei <> wrote:
> Great! I see friends are here now.
> Let me tell you the entire story.
> We have a Linux application without any GUI. We used
> ACE (for socket) and boost for portability. It is a
> product now. We did not build it on Windows before
> even we plan to do that. Now we try too see if we can
> build and run it on Windows machine.
> I did a little research and then decided try CygWin
> first. I used the setup to download and install
> CygWin. I copy the entire project tree from source
> control onto my XP machine.

If this is a commercial product, the GPL license will not allow you to
use Cygwin unless you release your source code.
You can purchase a license from Redhat for cygwin which would allow
you to sell your product.
I believe there's a FAQ on this on the site.

So before you spend a lot of effort getting your code to build under
cygwin, you should resolve the licensing issues.

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