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Re: Recently installed cygwin - cannot install gcc

Dave Korn schrieb:
Reini Urban wrote on 13 May 2008 18:34:
2008/5/13 David Ziants:
Installed cygwin under Windows XP prof, and the basic environment works.
I cannot do gcc nor can I find reference to the compiler under any of
the bin directories.

 Have run the setup a second time (as advised by documentation) and also
tried reinstalling from a different mirror. Explicitly tried to
install/reinstall the "develop" package where gcc is supposed to be
installable from.
install gcc-core and not gcc.

If you're going to do that, you will have to manually install the C++ packages that gcc would pull in that gcc-core doesn't: "gcc-g++ gcc-mingw-g++". (Assuming you want C++, of course, but most folks do....)

gcc has an invalid tar for me also.

Setup.exe version numbers involved? There have been some issues there lately to do with how we define an "empty" tarball[*], but:

[*] - See and
subsequent thread for info.

I know. But I've tried a few setup versions in the last week, I simply forgot which. Maybe the setup-1.7 version.
Probably the one which does not like 46 byte tar's :)
Reini Urban

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