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pdksh package: Error when issuing a 'typeset -r' statement

Hi Mark (Reed),

Sorry, I get digest forms, and I'm not sure how to respond to them so
this shows up as part of the thread.

I am a bash user for what I do, but need a ksh because I fixing some
scripts for someone who is running on pure ksh.  I'm connecting to a
PC in Europe, and cannot directly ssh to the server from my pc -- only
by opening a Remote Desktop Connection and launching putty from there
do I have access to the actual ksh system.  It's a slow connection, so
I wanted a local ksh emulator with which to test out some of my code
changes fast and easy for well-formedness without having to go over
the connection.

Normally, I do use bash, so this is a bit of a change for me.  I'll
check out and see if Gen-u-wine is available in Cygwin (I don't recall
it being under the 'Shell' grouping of packages).

Thanks for your help and thoughts,

It is from the wellspring of our despair and the places that we are
broken that we come to repair the world.
-- Murray Waas

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