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Re: grep raises signal ERR

You seem to be confused.   ERR is not a  signal; it is a shell feature
designed to trap exactly the circumstance you're seeing: some command
exits with nonzero status.  A nonzero exit status is an "error", which
is what ERR traps.

What do you *want* the "aborting" message to mean?

On 5/14/08, David Arnstein <> wrote:
> Is this a bug? The following three-line shell script prints out the
> string
> 	<aborting>
> when executed.
> #!/bin/bash
> trap "echo '<aborting>' ; exit 1" ERR
> grep -q -e 'foo' < /dev/null
> This indicates that grep has raised the signal ERR. It is inconvenient
> for me. I am attempting to clean up some scratch files whenever a
> shell script aborts. I use the trap command to do this. However, the
> above command
> 	grep -q -e 'foo' < /dev/null
> is NOT aborting my shell script. It simply returns status 1, which I
> do NOT want to handle by calling exit.
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