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performance issue when calling function in cygwin1.dll


A while back I posted a problem with regard to performance issue with sshd and cygrunsrv:   No luck, and re-starting my investigation.

Larry's last suggestion (thank you, Larry) was to try running my service as a local user, not a domain user.  However in this case it is not possible, as I'm running Windows Small Business Server 2003, which *must* be a domain controller and therefore all accounts are domain account (apparently).  Is running as a domain user a known performance issue?

I have some new information that might help:

Since this problem happens even when running 'date', i compiled a version of date with debug symbols and ran it through gdb.  Seems that the line of code that it ultimately hangs up on (for 7 seconds, at 100% cpu) is in gettime.c (line 36):

  if (clock_gettime (CLOCK_REALTIME, ts) == 0)

Which it seems is exported from cygwin1.dll.   Since this problem affects just about all programs (not just 'date'), i suspect the same is true in other cases --hangs up when callling anything in cygwin1.dll.

Note that this doesn't happen in all cases -- only when logged in via ssh, or when cron is running something.  probably something related to the context under which the parent process is running.  

Any ideas on how I can further troubleshoot, considering using a non-domain user is not an option? 


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