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Re: Question about link

On Thu, 15 May 2008, Chris Howell wrote:

> I am running on Vista, and what I am doing is I open up a Dev Studio
> 2008 command shell. From that command shell I launch cygwin/bash...
> Things like cl.exe are inherited from the first shell I've opened in the
> bash environment. What I want is link to be the path that is found under
> my BIN directory of my DevStudio install. However possibily because
> they're the same name when I query link, or try and use it to make a
> dll. Bash thinks I am using link to make a symbolic link as opposed to a
> dll.
> Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

Hmm, does

export PATH="$(dirname "$(which cl.exe)"):$PATH"

not solve this for you?  You could also do

alias link="$(dirname "$(which cl.exe)")/link.exe"

but that will only give you "link", not "link.exe" (in case you care).
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