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Re: Cygwin = cross platform (one way)?

Longyu Mei wrote:
I don't know if this question should be asked here or

I have a small socket server application running on
Linux. It uses Unix socket libraries and also do some
file operations. I am wondering if I can compile it
with Cygwin without any changes on my code?

If yes, that means Cygwin is kind of tool to make an
application being cross platform from Linux to
Windows? So it cam replace ACE and Boost for those
start from Linux?

Please just send your comments to me if any if this
question should not be posted here.

It's fair to ask this question here but it is frowned upon to do so by replying to a message in another thread and changing the subject. Please don't do this.

I think the answer to your general inquiry is:


Whether Cygwin makes your particular port possible without
any code changes is something you'll need to determine
for yourself though.

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